World Digital Library

was launched on 21st April, 2009.

World Digital Library is a project of UNESCO, main role acted by the Library of Congress. The aim of this project is to make whole world historical cultural monuments accessible on the Internet. The main accent is laid on support of those countries and regions that have not resources enough for their culture heritage digitisation and making accessible on-line.
Let’s compare the World Digital Library and the European Digital Library (Europeana):
Europeana was launched half a year earlier.
Europeana is now containing about four million items, while WDL about one thousand of them.
WDL offers data (pictures etc.) in a high quality, while Europeana offers only metadata and thumbnails with links to web-sites of the original’s provider.
Europeana translates the texts into any of European languages, while WDL offers English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Russian, Cinese and Arabic.
Europeana and WDL don’t complement nor eliminate each other. It is your choice whether you make your treasures accessible in both of them or in one of them or nowhere.