Annual Michael Association Assembly

On 2nd July, 2012 the Annual Assembly od Michael Culture  Association took place in Paris. Marie Kocinova as a representative of CITeM who provides the Czech National Portal of this project ( also took part in it . There were national digitisation coordinators and deputies from ministries present as well and so the conversation dealt in general with digitisation and virtual exhibitions. The report of the negotiation is available in Czech version but the majority of the materials are disposable in English in the Annual Report that is published on the web sites of the association. Who could be interested in presentation of their digitised collections, CDs or DVD media or similar services provided by their institution at this portal please don´t hesitate and contact us.

Audience from Vilnius

Delegation of colleagues from Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS visited us on 21.9.2010 during their journey throughout Poland and Czech Republic. Guest were particularly interested in the use of authority files in museum work and the I3S implementation project which seems to be very close to their LIMIS. After the short visit of Moravian museum’s exhibitions they have set out to Prague where next two days spent with getting to know about digitisation in National Technical Museum, photoarchive of the Jewish museum and the workplace of AiP Beroun in National Library.

Více »

A new version of CES

Since 1st December, 2006 there has been innovated public Internet version of Central Registry of Museum-type Collections of the Czech Republic(CES). Collections administrators were given a new possibility of virtual presentation of their collections and their professional care. They may append pictures of representative articles, views into exhibition rooms, restauration and conservation workshops. Works of art description should be in such a form that is available for searching in accordance with various aspects.
Look at an example of digitized collection in CES.
That“s how CES aspires to becoming a rare virtual exhibition of the Czech museology.

World Digital Library

was launched on 21st April, 2009.

World Digital Library is a project of UNESCO, main role acted by the Library of Congress. The aim of this project is to make whole world historical cultural monuments accessible on the Internet. The main accent is laid on support of those countries and regions that have not resources enough for their culture heritage digitisation and making accessible on-line.
Let’s compare the World Digital Library and the European Digital Library (Europeana):
Europeana was launched half a year earlier.
Europeana is now containing about four million items, while WDL about one thousand of them.
WDL offers data (pictures etc.) in a high quality, while Europeana offers only metadata and thumbnails with links to web-sites of the original’s provider.
Europeana translates the texts into any of European languages, while WDL offers English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Russian, Cinese and Arabic.
Europeana and WDL don’t complement nor eliminate each other. It is your choice whether you make your treasures accessible in both of them or in one of them or nowhere.

EVA Conference 2009

There was a final report published by leaders of  the project MM4ALL (Multimedia for All). The participants from countries all over Europe (Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Spain, Malta) met at the EVA Conference (Electronic Imaging & Visual Arts) at Florence but the project is being continued.  You can get a presentation about the Moravian Museum and its participation in this project made by Marie Kocinová.