ProMuS – demoversion

ProMuS was originally developed for viewing museum collections. In fact, it is a viewer for any table.

ProMuS enables:

  • To display anything looking like a table (dbf, Access, Paradox, SQL, Excel, Word).
  • To work with tables of any kind independent of their structure. Unlimited number of records.
  • To search for and order and list by any table column, any data combination of various parts of different columns.
  • To attach several pictures to each record (line).
  • To manage links even with other tables.
  • To adjust the design of the viewer according to your own taste.
  • To run the viewer on a single PC, even if it is originally designed for the Internet.

ProMuS requires:

  • www server with support for php and database server SQL (php and SQL can be obtained for free).
  • The visitor only needs any common Internet browser (Explorer, Netscape,…not Lynx :-)
  • More details in the help file.
  • ProMuS is supplied on CD for 500 CZK. Please contact .


  • enables you to look ProMuS over and through.
  • Use „Vstup pro správce“ (Entry for Administrator), than log in through „Správce“ without Password for looking through the off-stage.
  • Than enter through a great button „Vstupte“ as a visitor.
  • You can simultaneously look at the set-up parameters and the result effect by switching over.
  • The only difference in comparison with the full version is the inability to save settings after changes.
  • The data for the demoversion were kindly provided by the Jihlava Gallery.

Testing in Czech version only