About CITeM

Metodické centrum pro informační technologie v muzejnictví (CITeM) /
Methodological Centre for Information Technologies in Museology

Established as a methodological body for IT-problematics in Czech museums and galleries, located in the Moravian Museum, Brno. Its activities focus on:

  • Active participation in International and National Standards generating and publicity
  • Generating, acceptance and publicity of latest available introduction and usage practices of IT applications in museums and galleries
  • Intermediation in museum and IT specialists communication
  • Methodology of IT applications in museums
  • Museum specialists’ training in IT competences
  • Initiation and covering of creation and record adding of National Museum Authorities System
  • National standards for collection databases
  • Model workplaces in the field of digitisation and collections administration support

Contact us by email address citem@citem.cz.